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Hey There

My name is Alicia Figueras-Lambert and I am the First Lady of Church of Divine Revelation.  My one of many purposes is to bring women together with an intention to rid all the negatives women sometime share and to elevate the purpose of unity among women.  I look forward to making your acquaintance at our
Lady's Day Life's Mosaics Series.       

Lady's Day Life's Mosaics

Lady's Day Life's Mosaics was established in an effort to bring women together to bond, network, share, remove the crabs in the barrel mindset and love on one another. 

Our inaugural gathering was Sunday, August 15, 2021 where we had 18 women come together to discuss Self Esteem.  Our panel of powerhouses, Malaika Roach, Victoria Roberts, Evangelist Elaine Hoskins and Elder Diane O. Seaman.  Ladies were fed memorable jewels that they will take with them and share with other women of like minds.

Our next gathering of Lady's Day Life's Mosaics will be on ZOOM, Saturday, June 17, 2023 at noon  Our topic of discussion will be AUTHENTICITY.  Join us and bring a

FYI - August 19th we will be celebrating 2 years and we have coordinated a panel to include men of God.  The topic is: HE SAID SHE we communicate.





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